Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Goldie addition is good news for the Union

An important development towards a closer relationship between government at Westminster and the devolved regions has been announced. David Cameron has added the Conservative party’s leader in Scotland, Annabel Goldie, to his shadow Cabinet.

Previously on ‘Three Thousand Versts’ I've argued that aspiring to augment communication and involvement between Westminster and Holyrood was an inclination self-evidently unionist in character. Providing the party’s Scottish parliamentary group with a permanent voice at shadow Cabinet level underlines the importance which Cameron is according to the devolved regions.

He is endeavouring to ensure that any Conservative government would represent the entire United Kingdom and enable that kingdom to work as well as possible, both at unitary level and as four constituent parts.

To this end further regional additions to the shadow Cabinet would be welcome.

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kensei said...

Spectacularly ill thought out as I said on Slugger. He's limiting Goldie's room for movement and setting up an easy attack by the SNP. Even Scottish Labour leaders can disagree with London on occassion, but he's just tied her hands.