Friday, 20 February 2009

Minister of the Absurd, 'I never wanted job in the first place'!

If you didn’t laugh you would cry! Sammy Wilson has admitted that he wasn’t ‘mad keen’ to take on the Environment Minister’s brief in the first instance, only took the job because Peter Robinson urged him to do so and had a slender grasp of what it would involve!

Setting aside Sammy’s Vicky Pollard diction, imagine handing anyone an important executive post on the back of such lack of commitment and self-declared ignorance! If an employee in Burger King were to express similar sentiments there would be questions asked about their position!

I apologise for excessive exclamation mark usage, but honestly!

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Timothy Belmont said...

His comments merely expose the utter lack of cohesion within the NI Executive and the kind of government which operates in the Province.

Surely it reveals, yet again, a dysfunctional and flawed Cabinet?