Saturday, 7 February 2009

Poll puzzler

ConHome carries results from the latest ICM Sunday Telegraph poll. Bizarrely both Labour and the Conservatives are down four points and the Liberal Democrats have climbed by six. Have either Nick Clegg or his party upped their performance in some way which I have not been able to discern or is this poll a rogue? Any suggestions to unravel this conundrum gratefully received.

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fair_deal said...

Honestly it just looks like a bit of a rogue poll. Also the behaviour of the polls over the last 9 months has been a bit all over the shop. Brown is god's gift then condemned to poll hell before a partial comeback then back to decline again.

Vince Cable has been continuing to get extensive and positive coverage and Clegg has done a couple of big interviews but doubt that is enough to explain it.

The only rationale I can think of is the Lib Dems are offering some answers on the economy while the Tories are still in a policy vacumm on that front. They are offering little at present besides Brown is crap.