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Is Rodgers the man to oversee Liverpool's transfer window?

I last wrote an overview of the situation at Liverpool way back in April 2012.  A lot has happened in the intervening years, but, rather depressingly, many things remain the same.
Back then, Kenny Dalglish was  manager.  Liverpool had just been beaten at home by West Bromwich Albion and there was a sense among supporters that sweeping changes needed to be made in the summer close season.   Less than a month later, the club’s owners, Fenway Sports Group (FSG), invited King Kenny to an ‘end of season review’ in their home city, Boston, and sacked him suddenly and unexpectedly.    
Three years on, Liverpool has just lost at Anfield to Crystal Palace and Dalglish’s successor, Brendan Rodgers, has been summoned to the United States to debrief FSG after this Saturday’s game against Stoke.  It’s no wonder that some commentators wonder whether the meeting will have a similar outcome to the ‘review’ of 2012.
When I wrote that post, there was at least some silverware in the trophy cabinet.  Li…