Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Longlisted for Orwell Prize!

This is really rather exciting. ‘Three Thousand Versts of Loneliness’ has been longlisted, in the blog category, for the Orwell Prize. Seeking to encourage George Orwell’s aim of elevating ‘political writing into an art’, two winning writers are normally chosen, one for authorship of a political book and one who has excelled in the field political journalism.

This year, however, sees the introduction of a prize for blogging. The list of entrants comprises a strong national field, many of whom would be considered ‘big beasts’ in the weblog world (not to mention a fair smattering of professionals).

I have been grateful for whatever small degree of recognition this site has gained since its inception, but it really is beyond my wildest expectations to be a contender for “the pre-eminent British prize for political writing”.

Details of the other eleven longlisted blogs and the posts on which they were judged are available here. Iain Dale and Oliver Kamm react to their inclusion.

Update: (Be grateful - I nearly decided to start another thread!). Radio 4's programme discussed the blog prize this morning. This piece from its website asks whether Orwell would have blogged, had he been around today.


Aidan said...

Congratulations, I was sorry to see that you did not win at the Irish Blog Awards despite making the shortlist. It was interesting to see both you and Unionist Lite on the shortlist though, it's good that the quality of the blogs were being reviewed rather than looking for a particular political slant.

Chekov said...

Thanks Aidan. Although I've got to admit it was only the longlist for the Irish Blog Awards.

Anonymous said...

Your writing is a cut above the majority of blogs and I rarely miss having a look, usually but not always agreeing.

On the basis of your writing style alone you deserve to win.

Ignited said...

Congrats Chekov, very well deserved!

O'Neill said...

Given for your services to DoubleSpeak?!

Seriously, well done, there's some big hitters there.

Bono said...

Congrats! Well deserved recognition. Good luck. Did you turn down a chance to be interviewed on Today this morning? Make sure you buy some wraparound shades if you win.

Chekov said...

Thanks to all and nice of Paul Hewson to join us. ;-)