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PoliticalOD Podcast 6: Health status, Executive stasis and Boris's strategic manoeuvres on Brexit

The Dissenter and I discuss the origins of the health crisis, a prospective Stormont deal that will solve very little and the strategic challenges that face Boris on Brexit.

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PoliticalOD Podcast 5: Media, asking questions and the election calm before....

The Dissenter and I get together to discuss media coverage of Sinn Féin, the tendency to throw about pejoratives rather than deal with issues and the comparatively quiet election week.

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PoliticalOD podcast Episode 4: Party manoeuvres, fighting the last election who who knows what will happen

In the latest PoliticalOD podcast, The Dissenter and I discuss the election and how the contest will pan out in Northern Ireland. The various anti-DUP pacts and the MPs standing down. Nationally, we ask whether we'll have a Tory government that rushes through the Withdrawal Agreement or a Labour administration that means more delay.

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Political OD podcast episode 3:

In the latest Political OD podcast (recorded 16/10/2019), David and I discuss the De Souza campaign's attack on British citizenship in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic's Father Ted economic model, which involves international companies' money resting in Dublin's account.

For more on the issues covered, read The Dissenter's piece on the Phantom Menace of the parasitic Irish economy. And here's my article covering the De Souza case.

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PoliticalOD Podcast episode 2: Swanning on. The Rabble Alliance. The big issue bubbling.

The Dissenter and I discuss Robin Swann's decision to quit as UUP leader, chaos in parliament and the Conservative Party conference.

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Political OD podcast

This is something of an experiment. David, from The Dissenter, and I have recorded a short podcast, Political OD.

We hope that fairly regularly we'll have a look at political developments in Northern Ireland and beyond, to try to make sense of what's going on. Inevitably, the first episode asks; Backstop or go? And we discuss whether David Cameron is a hero or a villain.

The perspective is unionist, but we'll try and take a broader view, touching on international politics.

The first episode is a trial and it was recorded without any fancy equipment. Still, the quality if perfectly ok to hear what we're saying. Do have a listen and let us know what you think. @3000Versts@thedissenter

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