Friday, 27 February 2009

Conservatives and Unionists set for launch

The title has been finalised and the joint committee’s report has been endorsed by both parties. The Conservative and Ulster Unionist parties will field joint candidates in European and Westminster elections, appearing on the ballot paper as ‘Ulster Conservatives and Unionists – New Force’.

The formulation is undeniably clunky (and employment of the ‘New Force’ addendum in initial form should be avoided at all costs for obvious reasons). Nevertheless, the new joint website indicates that candidates will campaign simply as ‘Conservatives and Unionists’. The new logo is pleasingly unfussy.

In a Telepraph article Sir Reg Empey restates the thinking behind the new venture. That is, of course, what is most important.

A press conference at noon will launch the UCU venture. Unfortunately I can’t attend due to work commitments. I will, however, be very interested to hear how it has gone.

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