Friday, 6 February 2009

Minister of the Absurd

Not content with his buffoon status as Minister for the Environment who doesn’t believe in climate change, Sammy Wilson, minister responsible for road safety, branded it ’absurd’ that he should be fined after riding his motorcycle without an MOT certificate. Ironically if there were a Department of the Absurd Wilson would be a leading candidate to take charge. His latest sortie is to attack schools which had to close earlier in the week, you’ve guessed it, because of the state of the roads for which Sammy is ultimately responsible!

Lagan College principal, Helen McHugh, explained why she was forced to close her school today,

“A decision to close is not one that we take lightly. I went into school at 7.15 this morning to carry out a site inspection and I had a very difficult journey over myself with the car sliding all over the place. We didn’t take that decision lightly and we do take the children's education very seriously. When we phoned the parents they were very understanding.”

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Fidothedog said...

I hope he was dressed when stopped by the police?!