Thursday, 19 February 2009

Leadership speculation music to Labour opponents' ears

Although Michael White is probably right when he insists that Harriet Harman is not positioning herself to make a pre-election Labour leadership bid (as another Guardian blogger suggests this morning), it is a sure sign that Brown’s ‘comeback’ is well and truly over that media speculation about a possible successor is back.

David Cameron will want to guard against complacency, but the Conservative Party is likely to form the next UK government irrespective of who leads Labour at the next election. Indeed Labour figures with long term leadership ambitions would be well advised to shelter from the fall out of defeat as best they can, rather than challenging Brown at this juncture.

Any speculation, however, will be grist to the Tory mill. As opposed to a galvanised party, steered by the self-styled saviour of the world, it looks increasingly likely that Conservatives will face a divided Labour party in all kinds of disarray.

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