Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Nail stoutly hit on head

Alex Kane on Gerry Adams,

Republicanism championed by Mr Adams is a brutal, half-baked, blinkered, myth-ridden, intellectually redundant and economically fatuous ideology. His speech in Limerick was the sort of hand-me-down, crypto-revolutionary junk you would expect to hear in a shebeen after one too many glasses of poteen. It was the speech of an old man in a great hurry: the speech of a man who had finally realised that his political ambitions would remain unfulfilled.

Ironically, it is a speech that unionists, if they had any sense, could learn from; for it demonstrated that there is practically nothing left in all-Ireland republicanism other than hot air and wish fulfilment. Mr Adams will continue to travel the world, addressing diminishing audiences of the curious and the still delusional. Yet, wherever he rests his head at night, Gerry Adams knows one thing for certain: his day isn’t coming.


kensei said...

Yawn. As if "All-Ireland Republicanism" is the sole preserve of Gerry Adams. Kane periodically likes to have an article explaining how a United Ireland can never, ever happen as it makes him feel better.

On the wider issue, a decade ago Unionism seemed directionless. Now Nationalism has a turn for some discomfort. The SNP and Scottish independence seemed buried after Labour's triumph in 1997 and the subsequent successful devolution referendum; now they run the Scottish Government and independence is a real possibility, though decidely uncertain.

Seriously kids, trimuphailsm and name calling is not a particularly productive use of anyone's time.

Anonymous said...

All Ireland is consigned to the history books for another generation or even two. The betting is now on Ireland to be the first EU country to default on their loans.

saz2020 said...

If a united Ireland 'isn't coming' then what will NI do when the UK inevitably unravels at some point in the next 20 or 30 years? It amazing how unionists who describe themselves as British manage to completely ignore what is happening on the island of Britain. The 'union' is broken and it will either be re-negotiated or destroyed.

Buster said...

"Seriously kids, trimuphailsm (sic) and name calling is not a particularly productive use of anyone's(sic) time"

Kensei-you have got to be one of; no in fact you are, the most hypocritical, two faced, arrogant, bigoted, self important, egotistical w@nker I have ever had the misfortune to repeatedly come across all over the NI blogosphere.

Whilst many may be taken in by your masquerading as a "Politico" (Jesus wept) over on Slugger, offering your weighty, oh so carefully considered comments to the masses, I quite frankly find you nauseating to put it mildly. I've met you elsewhere with a different face on and if we ever so slightly scratch the surface your true colours come tumbling out into the cold light of day. For example(your comments/responses in quotes):

The questions are rhetorical....I don't expect a logical, rational response. As long as the likes of you continue to express your exclusive, vitriolic, sectarian "(I think you need to look it up)" version of identity politics, we'll NEVER be taken in by the hyperbole of SF/IRA. Keep up the good work.

"No, I think you need to fuck off"

There is much more where that came from-and I won’t hesitate to keep you honest.

"Seriously kids....etc etc"-piss off!!

saz2020-you appear to be another of those hugely "informed" detractors of the Union-evidence of the "broken" Union please?

"The 'union' is broken and it will either be re-negotiated or destroyed" The Union has been constantly evolving since 1707 and will continue to do so. Roll on 2016....

Anonymous said...

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