Friday, 23 April 2010

TV debates

Thanks to blanket coverage, and half-time, I managed to watch a little of the national leaders' debate last night. The general reaction has been that Clegg shaded it again. I can't help but feel that Cameron simply has to relax. Has he perhaps been over-prepared? Contrary to David Gordon's assessment in the Belfast Telegraph, from the bits that I saw, Gordon Brown wasn't at the races.

Of course the local contest also took place last night and a less vociferous analysis has taken place across the newspapers and blogs. I intend to watch it online later, but in the meantime, Ivor Whitten has produced an entertaining account.


CiarĂ¡n said...

Another theory on Cameron. He's actually not that capable.

Given that Cameron's still likely to be the next PM, I don't say that with any joy.

Timothy Belmont said...

DC invariably does a demolition job on Brown in the Chamber.

Too much PR, spin-doctor treatment etc.

I'm underwhelmed by these presidential-style debates anyway, so far.

Seymour Major said...

I was of the opinion that Cameron won both debates by a long way.

I hate to say this but the surge for Nick Clegg is down to people who were not aware of him before. In other words, they were unlikely to previously have read anything about politics in the newspapers. I'm not saying these people are stupid. However, when they are following serious issues for the first time, it is hard to believe otherwise than that these people are very sensitive to body language, presentation and the physical attractiveness of the candidate. All Nick Clegg has to do is sound articulate and reasonable and not make a big mistake.

However, Cameron is quickly learning how to handle these debates. Having got to parity after the second debate, he is where he needs to be going into the third. There is still all to play for.

David Cameron is not short of communication skills himself but he does now need some luck to break Clegg's presentation. He needs to find an issue where Clegg trips himself up. He may have an opportunity, since the next debate is on the economy. Cameron has to get across how bad the situation is so that people understand the need for austerity. Clegg's credibility is vulnerable on his 17bn tax cutting promise. Cameron has an opportunity there. So does Brown.