Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Brown whinges about 'bigoted' granny after Rochdale walkabout

What are you if you don't agree with Gordon Brown? A bigot, apparently.

On the campaign trail in Rochdale, the Prime Minister encountered a former Labour voter who asked him some awkward questions.

He answered, as best he could, bid her a cheery farewell and then got into his plush limo before describing her as 'a bigot'. 'That was a disaster' Gordo complained.

Unfortunately the PM still had a microphone on and Sky News recorded the whole thing.

Brown has since issued a grovelling apology.

And if 'bigotry' is implied by contempt for his Labour party, then the vast majority of people in Britain are raving bigots!


Timothy Belmont said...

It serves him right. Coming out in his true colours and all that. We all know what he's like and have the measure of him.

Brown is finished. It's just a shame that he'll eventually be accorded the Garter, as is customary with all former PMs.

Kevinho said...

So Gordon Brown said the wrong thing in the heat of the moment. And David Cameron met a black chap once, apparently.

Chekov said...

Yes Kev. Cos that's comparable. Let's hope Nick Clegg gets found out for the opportunist chancer he is tonight.

Kevinho said...

All I was trying to say was that David Cameron is not infallible, and his minority bingo in the first debate certainly didn't endear him to liberal Britian, just as this incident won't endear Brown to 'small c' conservatives.