Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Local leaders' debate battles with national competition, and football, for viewers.

I hope that UTV has the good sense to show its local leaders' debate again, or at least to put it up on its website. It is scheduled to go head to head with the last half hour of Sky News' national leaders' debate.

That I could live with. After all, the previous programme on ITV did begin to drag around the hour mark.

However, the Europa Cup semi-final also takes place on the same night. Liverpool take on Athletico Madrid at 8.05pm and the match will be screened on Channel 5.

I know which of the three clashing programmes I'll be watching. But it seems a strange decision to hold a regional debate at the same time as the three possible Prime Ministers are being showcased. A concession to parochial politics?

Scotland and Wales have their regional debates tonight, therefore avoiding a clash.

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