Thursday, 15 April 2010

The most hated man in Britain endorses the second most hated man in Britain.

We’ve had X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and Master Chef. Tonight television audiences will be treated (subjected?) to the Leaders’ Debates.

In an unfortunate piece of scheduling the first election showpiece, screened on ITV, will appear at the same time as the satirical news show, Have I Got News For You, which is broadcast on BBC 1 at 9pm. I’d imagine a few politics junkies might be tempted to reach for the remote if the leaders’ contest is too sterile or facile.

Certainly the profile programmes which have preceded the debate have been unforgivably fatuous. Mark Austin’s fawning interviews were straight out of the Alan Titchmarsh school of broadcasting. These were little more than thirty minute party election broadcasts.

Not that the parties‘ publicity drives were all well advised, Gordon Brown was not even the most obnoxious character in his ‘spotlight’ programme. Wheeling out Satan himself may have alienated fewer people than an endorsement from Alex Ferguson.

Then again, who would have noticed the difference?


Manuel said...

Heh...lolerpool fans....yer obsessed with the Great Man...keep on walking...

CW said...

"The most hated man in Britain endorses the second most hated man in Britain." ????

I don't recall Piers Morgan ever endorsing Simon Cowell.

Hernandez said...

A Come Dine With Me episode featuring Alex Ferguson, David Jeffrey, Gordon Brown, Nick Griffin and Piers Morgan would make great TV.