Sunday, 4 April 2010

Just go!

You are the manager. There's twenty minutes to go in a must win match against Birmingham City. Your star striker is on the pitch and at your disposal on the bench are several forward thinking players. One, David Ngog, has all the skills and goal-scoring threat of a block of wood.

What do you do?

If you're Rafa Benitez you take off the star striker and replace him with the block of wood. You also showcase your talent for signing some of the most bog standard donkeys ever to have donned a red shirt.

Step forward Mr Insua, Mr Kyrgiakos and the latest pointless addition, Maxi Rodriguez.

Cometh the hour cometh the man. Rodriguez ballooned a sitter over the bar in the closing moments. That said Ngog had already duffed a selection of chances which, no doubt, Fernando Torres would have had nestling in the back of the net.

And whatever new depth of incompetence Rafa manages to plumb the majority of Liverpool supporters continue their perverse practice of singing his name.


The Gombeen Man said...

Could be worse. You could be a Leeds fan like me.

Anonymous said...

Could be could qualify for the champions league and die a death there as well.

alan said...

The holy grail of 4th place in the premier league is surely over rated.In a proper world 4th place isn't even on the "podium". Better to win the Europa league and move the club forward with a trophy.The poor man has few enough assets without flogging to death his star.I think he should move on Gerrard and rebuild.Could be worse, you could be a Cowdenbeath fan.

Chekov said...

You might joke about Cowdenbeath Alan, but Liverpool's ownership could steer the club into enough trouble. Gombeen - I think my lucky stars every day that I'm not a Leeds man. ;)