Monday, 19 April 2010

Shameless! DUP's expenses infringements "of an entirely different nature" to other MPs!

The DUP really doesn't 'get' public anger about expenses and sleaze, does it?

It has the hungriest MPs in Britain, it is up to its neck in mutually beneficial arrangements with property developers, the member for Strangford stood down after it was revealed that she had procured funds for her toy boy lover and the leader still intends to double job, after the election, flying in the face of the Kelly Report. Its candidate for North Antrim has already been forced out of his minister's role after questions about his relationship with property guru Seymour Sweeney.

Yet, what is this in the party's manifesto? Expenses of DUP MPs "were of an entirely different nature" to other MPs. Not a note of contrition, not an acknowledgement of excess. Nothing!

This greedy, sleazy party still thinks it's done nothing wrong!

Surely a brass neck and tribalism are not all that is required in modern Northern Ireland politics? The DUP's slow sinking Ulster nationalist ship really should be scuttled by now. If this election does not witness some serious damage the party's rivals have to ask themselves some serious questions.


Timothy Belmont said...

Hungriest MPs? The very thought of them all ambling about like Sir Cyril Smith! Remember Sir Cyril? V popular Liberal MP, though a case of Once round him, twice round the Gasworks. :-)

Anonymous said...

The UUP should go harder on these issues.

The UUP are too soft on the DUP.

One good thing about Allister is that he is not soft - but the UUP should not leave this to Allister.

Chekov said...

Agree 100% Anon. Sir Cyril was what they call 'a big unit' Tim. Although I wonder whether he muched more than £160 per week? That's a wage for some people.