Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Tories ahead in tech wars with iPhone app

On Sunday David Cameron made a speech trailed as the Conservatives’ pre-election ‘relaunch’ at the party’s Spring Conference. It reaffirmed the communitarian platform on which the Tories’ manifesto will be built.

Good schools, support for the NHS, a redistribution of power away from the centre, family friendly policies – they are the ‘progressive ends by conservative means’ which Cameron has long championed.

Against a background of tightening poll margins, this is the type of centrist message which can steady the ship for the Tories. The party also hopes to spread the word by a more imaginative use of new media than its opponents.

To this end the Conservative iPhone App has been launched. Now I only have an iPod, but I downloaded it anyway, for wifi use, and it is rather slick. As well as the latest news, and synopses around various policy areas, there’s a ‘swingometer’ which demonstrates graphically the type of swing which the Tories need to return to government.

Hardly an accurate barometer, but a fun toy nonetheless. A further indication that the Conservatives have a feel for modern campaigning which eclipses Labour.

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UKIP launched there's first