Monday, 8 March 2010

Telfer embarrassed by Flower of Scotland

Nobody would deny that ‘Flower of Scotland’ is a rousing anthem. Both football and rugby teams in Scotland now employ a song which is fairly explicit in its separatist sentiment.

“But we can still rise now
And be the nation again.”

However, at least one figure, influential in Scots’ rugby, feels embarrassed by the nationalist and anti-English content of the lyrics. Jim Telfer, formerly Scotland’s coach and a renowned player, at international level and with the Lions, wants a more ‘mature’ anthem, according to the Scotsman.

“Telfer said the song encouraged anti-English "chippiness" and should be replaced.
Telfer – whose 1990 Grand Slam winning side was the first national team to adopt Flower of Scotland – said: "We need to stop defining ourselves through England, and it would be a sign of maturity if we got ourselves a decent national anthem.””

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Pelicanus said...

It is not rousing.

It is a tuneless, zenophobic, durge.

And don't get me started on the English "owning" God save the Queen...