Saturday, 13 March 2010

Notable, quotable.

Michael Gove, responding to Peter Mandelson's comment, that whilst David Cameron had not chosen to go to Eton, he had decided to join the 'Bullingdon Club'.

"When Peter Mandelson was at university he joined the Young Communists and travelled to Cuba to listen to Fidel Castro."

An entirely pertinent reply which just about summed up the unconvincing nature of Andrew Rawnsley's 'Dispatches' documentary about David Cameron, screened on Channel 4 last Monday.

At the time I was watching a proper car-crash, as Liverpool lost to Wigan Athletic, however the show is available on 4OD.

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Ulster Liberal said...

I don't see your point.

Peter Mandleson is a member of a party which has traditionally held Marxist views.

What's Gove's excuse?