Monday, 22 March 2010

Rodney out of the blogs in East Antrim.

Rodney McCune, who has the task of winning back East Antrim from Sammy Wilson and the DUP, is the latest Conservative and Unionist candidate to launch a campaign blog. Mike Nesbitt's site has already become a lively record of the Strangford hopeful's clashes with the DUP and Daphne Trimble's blog is a little more sedate, but thoughtful.

Rodney kicks off with the broad outline of his pitch to voters in East Antrim.

"The growing momentum for change in East Antrim is born of a desire to see full-time committed local MPs making a difference at Westminster. The momentum for change is growing because people here want a direct say on our future national Government."

"After twelve years in power this Labour Government is stale. It sadly comprises of the third and fourth tier of Labour MPs elected in 1997. Only a change of governing party will bring about the fresh intake of talent we need to move beyond the expenses scandal and tackle the serious immediate challenges our country faces."

"Sadly local MPs make no real impact at Westminster and no real contribution to important matters of national debate. Double-jobbing means part-time MPs. If every Member of Parliament took the approach of many of our local MPs our entire system of Parliamentary democracy would fail."

"I offer people here the chance to influence and shape our future national Government and I offer people here the chance to vote in a full-time MP who takes their parliamentary and constituency duties equally seriously."


Gonzo said...

You forgot to mention Ian Parsley, who's been blogging for ages.

I really do hope Rodney isn't just going to cut and paste his press releases into Wordpress and call it a blog. The quote marks are a big giveaway.

Quite like Daphne's writing, though she's a bit sparse on entries and Mike seems to be making a go of it. Old Rodders should have a look, or have a chat with Davy Sims.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for summing it up so well. I think I’ll be returning here often. Best Regards.