Sunday, 28 March 2010

In no way a quote of the day.

A year or so ago the DUP was presenting itself as a party of free marketeers and advocating a cut in Corporation Tax. The Conservative and Unionist candidate for North Antrim, Irwin Armstrong, has picked up on a lurch to the left by the Finance Minister, who recently came out against a lower rate for Northern Ireland. Has 'Red Sammy' returned?

Previously the Finance Minister sought to present himself as a champion of enterprise and his party claimed to be a business friendly party. Now he is setting himself against a measure which the business community says it needs to drive forward the private sector and create jobs during a difficult economic spell for Northern Ireland.

Perhaps he resents the fact that it is Conservatives and Unionists who are actively working towards a tax reduction and, after the general election, could have the tools to deliver it, as part of the government of the United Kingdom. Whereas the DUP will remain impotent at Westminster, without any influence in reserved matters like taxation.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Sammy didn't know that he would have to make a contribution to the taxes lost from the NI budget - or maybe he just doesn't want any advantage to the CU's.

The business community is fully behind this move and it's job creation potential.