Thursday, 12 November 2009

March General Election looks unlikely.

Nick Robinson explains his workings on the Newslog blog, but for reprobates slouching at the back of the politics' classroom, the answer to all this tiresome pre-Budget calculus is that a March general election is now extremely unlikely.

The BBC's politics editor believes that Conservatives nationally will be relieved that Gordon Brown cannot capitalise on an 'element of surprise'.

I'd imagine that the Conservatives and Unionists in Northern Ireland will also welcome an additional month or two to prepare for a poll. The selection process is proving more laborious than expected, with several constituencies lagging behind. Which will frustrate the areas where candidates have been selected and are raring to get started campaigning.


Kevinho said...

Surely lame duck governments always leave the election until the last moment possible, just incase they have some kind of surprise revival? It even worked for John Major.

Chekov said...

Yes. But we're already quite late and I'd imagine that any curveball it's possible to throw is an option. Some last bribery in the budget and a poll in April perhaps?