Saturday, 7 November 2009

Allister worried by New Force

A very brief post this evening. I'm still shivering after a chilly afternoon in Lurgan. It is worth observing, however, that Jim Allister, in his speech at the TUV conference, devoted his opening remarks to the Conservatives and Unionists, rather than the DUP. There is a New Force in unionism, it is seeking to involve Northern Ireland in national politics rather than move further down the road of Ulster exceptionalism.


thedissenter said...

Sorry to burst the bubble, but he used the term New Force to make the point that the TUV was the new force in Northern Ireland politics and he didn't much mention UCUNF in any shape or form for the rest of his one hour speech. To him the UCUNF just didn't appear worthy of much attention at all. Here

fair_deal said...

Are you trying to convince yourself of this? This is the second or third mention of such a theme in the past week.