Glasgow North East by-election candidates

The by-election to replace Michael Martin will finally take place on November 12. The winner will barely have become accustomed to their new environment before they are back on the campaign trail. The BBC has a profile of each of the candidates - a rum lot to be perfectly honest - other than Ruth Davidson. She will do well to increase the Conservatives' vote. This is a rather grim part of Glasgow.

Incidentally, Down and Out in Lenzie and Lossiemouth, whose penthouse flat is decidedly not in Martin's old constituency, highlights another 'betrayal' by the SNP.


Hernandez said…
John Smeaton is surely a nailed on certainty for that seat. It's comforting to know that he intends to "publish his expenses in the Big Issue". Hope they provide him with a despatch box at Westminster though, so he can continue to look down at his 'policies' every 4 seconds.

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