Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Car Crash TV

Sweet revenge for all of the less enthusiastic readers of this blog. I am aware that I appear to be giving birth to some of the sentences which eventually lurch unsteadily into existence. To paraphrase Nabakov, “In my head I think like a genius, I write reasonably proficiently, but I talk like an idiot”.

Also contributing to this episode of blogtalk, Conall McDevitt and Gary McKeown, both of whom preside over rather good sites.

Blogtalk (episode 3) from Northern Visions on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting exchange between Conall and Owen on the UCUNF arrangements.

Conall raised I think an interesting question - will the UUP retain a strong regional pride in NI, in Stormont; things that are part of UUPs traditional values.

Or will it seek to emphasise the national link at the expense of localism.

That is something the UUP need to balance carefully - the new link to the conservatives shoudn't come across as a lack of pride in (and lobbying for) NI as a region with its own sense of identity.

Chekov said...

My take on that anon was to emphasise the devolved arrangements elsewhere in the UK. No longer is it unusual to balance those interests to which you refer.