Friday, 14 August 2009

Vitriol, abuse and comment moderation

Comment moderation has been enabled for the foreseeable future. Anonymous commenters are intent on bombarding the site with vitriolic nationalist (and racist) abuse, both of the Irish and English varieties. This morning I’ve deleted the following gem.

“Only the BNP can deliver a united Britain minus Northern Ireland and the hatred that flows from this cesspit of spite.

Pan UK Unionism is the call of subsidy junkies, desperate to hang onto England's coat tails whilst contributing nothing to Britain. The Northern Irish are worse than paki immigrants.

We should get rid of the whole lot and hand them over to the Irish.”

Charming I’m sure you’ll agree. I’ve also been strenuously instructed to ‘go home’ as have the rest of the Irish. Very confusing for those of us solidly located on the ‘oul sod’.

Apologies for the nuisance value, but I will endeavour to check the comments as frequently as possible. Unfortunately, as more people read the site, the level of bile tends to increase too.

Whether or not it is possible to configure Blogger to accept comments automatically from ‘members’ and allow moderation from the rest I’m not entirely sure. Maybe someone with a bit of technical expertise could offer some advice.

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Kloot said...

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