Monday, 10 August 2009

The DUP is not 'The Unionist Party'.

Permit me to start the week by venting a personal peccadillo. The Irish Independent reports that Jeffrey Donaldson objects to Youtube carrying videos celebrating terrorism. A rather unremarkable story. However, both the headline and story refer to the Lagan Valley MP as 'The Unionist MP' (note the capital letters). I appreciate that there is no factual inaccuracy here. Jeffrey professes to be pro-Union and he is an MP. I have noticed, however, strenuous DUP efforts to style itself 'the' Unionist party. The independent's use of the capital 'u' exacerbates the sense that the little Ulster party is the principal voice of unionism. This is neither factually, historically nor statistically correct.


Crocko said...

Unionism is an IDEOLOGY.

This genuinely sickness makes them feel more 'british' than many of the people actually living on the british mainland.

Attaching themsevles to mockney tat and flag waving machismo.

Unionists associate themselves with a constructed identity, a 'non-identity' since there are many 'britains', but unionism is primarily attracted to the 'imperial' notion of Britian.

The 'world power', a state dominated by it's biggest consituent economy and first colonial power, England

Unionism has rather archaic love of state/militaristic propoganda promoted since the napolenonic wars and still in evidence today through a series of government initiatives.

When will this illness be eradicated from our population?

Unionism has blighted the UK for centuries, it is and remains a cover for various forms of colonialisation & elitist control.

That everday people should workship at it's alter simply confirms just how malign an influence it is.

Gary said...

Crocko shit me think ;-)