Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The Trans Siberian

A treat for the Russophiles and travel enthusiasts amongst you, as well as the Russophile travel enthusiasts of course. Down and Out in Lenzie and Lossiemouth has ferreted out a video diary recording Marcel Theroux’s adventures on the Trans Siberian Railway, carried by the Guardian’s website.

In common with Hernandez, I nurse ambitions to cross the breadth of Russia by railway, travelling to Mongolia or Russian Far East. The costly packages which agencies offer can be avoided by booking only the train tickets, independently and roughing it (a little) in second class.

Theroux’s first diary evokes some great memories of the train travel which I have experienced in Russia and Ukraine. Moving between carriages over clanking pieces of metal with yawning gaps which reveal fresh air and speeding tracks is rather invigorating. Although the restaurant cars I visited looked substantially better than the equivalent here.

The second diary becomes rather aspirational. If you’ve got upwards of £5,000 spare, sharing a luxury Trans Siberian steam locomotive with Paul O’Grady might tickle your fancy (or not).


CW said...

Is he related to Paul Theroux?

Chekov said...

Son of Paul and brother of Louis CW.