Saturday, 29 August 2009

Strawberries and cream?

Press release tennis between the DUP and Ulster Unionists has long represented an acquired taste for sports' enthusiasts. Bobballs has had some fun with the dupes latest attack on the Conservative and Ulster Unionist accord.

Michelle McIlveen alleges an irrevocable split within the UUP as regards the Tory deal and notes that David McNarry's 'Putting Things Right' document has disappeared from the party website.

An Ulster Unionist spokesman retaliated by questioning the DUP's reading abilities.

Whether this type of thing influences voters one way or another is doubtful. It does, however, serve to fill up the News Letter's column inches.

Anyway, here's the document in question, replete with the much misinterpreted passage on policing and justice and carried, in full, on the UUP's website.

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