Monday, 24 August 2009

Grayling set to evoke Disraeli as Tories ressurect 'one nation' conservatism

Another week, another keynote speech expected from a member of the shadow cabinet. Chris Grayling, prospective home secretary in a Tory government, will tomorrow expound upon the well worn Cameron Conservative theme, ‘broken Britain’, highlighting crime, gangsterism, poverty and social immobility, which he believes have flourished under the stewardship of a Labour government.

It is a further development of the themes which George Osborne laid out in a recent speech at Demos, when he referred to the modern Conservative party as the ‘dominant progressive force’ in British politics. The Tories argue that they are espousing constructive social policies, in tune with a Conservative ethos, which offer the best means to tackle the unique set of problems which the United Kingdom faces.

Grayling presaged his speech with an article in a popular Sunday newspaper. Three Thousand Versts loathes the journal, and its daily sister, so profoundly that any link to its website would compromise our principles. However the continued emphasis of a tradition within Conservatism which is much richer and kinder than Thatcherism is highly encouraging.

Conservative Home notes
the contents of a dossier which the shadow home secretary is publishing, in which he notes that Britain is “heading rapidly back to being a country of "two nations"”. An explicit evocation, then, of Disraeli’s ‘one nation’ conservatism.

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