What a pair of (pricked) pricks!

Not ‘Three Thousand Versts’ usual material I grant you, but I simply couldn’t let this tabloid story from Pravda sail past without comment. Two Russian tourists were treated in a Florida hospital after a drunken escapade during which they attempted to have sex with a porcupine! Apparently relations with the animal are not permitted under state law, and this formed pretext enough for the boozed up chaps to give it a go. For those of you unfamiliar with Pravda’s English service, rather singular English, coupled with the newspaper’s populist bent, renders almost any story hilarious, but this is particularly good.

Some of the best quotes:

“Consequences appeared to be very sad. The poor fellows had to take needles from their genitals and treat inflammation for several months.”

“As it is known, forbidden fruit is always sweet, especially for Russians.”

“With victorious shouts the drunken friends dropped their pants and started making unambiguous movements with their hips. Having sobered up the following morning the friends realized that they need medical help.”

Interesting that Pravda has some fun with this ‘senseless law’. Not so senseless in the end for the young men who attempted to break it.


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