Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Bad timing and hypocrisy from Hermon

So Sylvia Hermon has ended speculation as to whether she will eventually participate in the Conservatives and Unionists electoral force. She has chosen to do so during an election campaign, accompanying her comments with a bizarre rant about Conservative expense claims. Given that Hermon's press conference was called to explain her own embarrassing over-payments and considering that, as a New Labour groupie, her own favoured Great British party has proved astonishingly insensitive and unresponsive to public anger, it was a particular unfortunate choice of topic.

If Hermon intends to contest the next election, and if she has any sense of integrity, she will align herself explicitly with the Labour party.

Sir Reg Empey issued the following statement in response to Lady Sylvia's interview:

The Party Officers and Executive Committee of the Ulster Unionist Party have unanimously agreed, with the Conservative Party, to jointly endorse her UUP colleague Jim Nicholson as the 'Conservatives and Unionists' candidate in the Euro Election.

"The leadership of the Ulster Unionist Party is disappointed that Lady Hermon, in the middle of an election campaign, has chosen to give a series of interviews in which she has challenged Party policy and the collective decisions taken by her colleagues.

"Throughout last year and into 2009, we held many discussions at Party Executive level, held roadshows for our members on numerous occasions and ultimately put proposals for a Memorandum of Understanding to our Executive for approval. This very democratic process resulted in two separate meetings of our Executive where the relevant decisions were taken on unanimous recommendations from our Party Officers. At these well attended meetings not a single vote was cast against the proposals. At both of these meetings, our North Down constituency was fully represented by all its delegates who unanimously voted in favour of the proposals.

"Her own position is not an issue in the present campaign. She was assured last year that she would not be required to take the Conservative Party whip in the lifetime of the present Parliament. Candidate selection for the General Election is not yet underway, meaning that any decisions regarding her own selection process in North Down do not have to be made at this point. This makes the timing of her statements all the more disappointing.

“The Ulster Unionist Party and Conservative Party will continue with our joint campaign to bring real change to politics in Northern Ireland. We will continue with our campaign to create a new political and electoral force which offers the electorate here an opportunity to be part and parcel of a new pan-UK unionism.

"I want it to be clear that we have charted a democratic course for the UUP which has been fully endorsed by our Party. Having come through the traumas of the Belfast Agreement, where we had to ask people to work with self confessed republicans, I am confident that working with a Conservative Party which is enthusiastically committed to the Union and the end of British Government neutrality on Northern Ireland, will prove attractive to our members and the wider pro-Union electorate"


Dewi Harries said...

You have to chuck her out immediately.

Anonymous said...

This Lady is a disgrace and is so full of self pity I can't believe it. Her one sided attack on the Conservatives was pure vitriol especially when she was also guilty and would not have 'known' to repay the money had all this not been made public.

1,000's of women have husbands with alzheimer's disease they in the main do not ask for pity they get on with it as best they can. To then blame the expenses office for not finding errors in the expenses, that she found the time to submit when she was under such personal pressure, is an appaling lapse of judgement.

In light of her 'performance' is it possible that there is more to come out about this Lady and her friends in Westminister.


Timothy Belmont said...

Lady Hermon's decision to come out at this moment is unfortunate and deplorable.

It simply goes to show how little one knows people: I felt that she'd have fitted into the Conservatives quite well. How wrong I was.

Clearly she cannot stand as a Conservative and Unionist. The local Party will need to find another, high-calibre candidate forthwith, well before the General Election.

North Down has, to my mind, a core Conservative and Unionist electorate. With the right candidate, the Conservatives & Unionists can win it.

Toque said...

Sylvia Herman doesn't agree with the Tory policy on "English Votes", so why should she tow the Tory line?

And I'm sure that there's lots more she disagrees on.

Good for her I'd say.

Timothy Belmont said...

Sylvia Lady Hermon could always resign her Seat and fight a bye-election, since she now belongs to the Conservatives & Unionists and must take their Whip.

She could leave the Party; or join another party; or do what Robert McCartney did.

She most likely stay where she is till the General Election and remain a nagging Thorn in Sir Reg Empey's flesh.

Chekov said...

Dewi and Tim,

It'd already been agreed that, for the lifetime of the current parliament, the UUP MP would not take the party whip. So, we'll have to wait until the next election to get rid of her. I'd interpret Sir Reg's statement as a pretty clear indication that she will not be standing for the UUP again. It remains to be seen whether she will stand aside with dignity.

Anonymous said...

How humurous to watch. Before she made a comments it was "let's respect her privacy, she is a griwving widow". Now she has made a comment and you lot don't agree with it, it's "that dreadful witch, who cares if her husband died, she has no right to disagree with our glorious project: get her out forthwith"

What a shower of hypocrites you all are.

David Vance said...

"Having come through the traumas of the Belfast Agreement, where we had to ask people to work with self confessed republicans...."

Surely you mean self-confessed terrorists?

Hermon is a North Down champagne socialist. De-select her and find a fresh face that gets the link up,

Anonymous said...

David Vance

"A North Down champaigne socialist" - yest someone with such open contempt for the electorate of the constituency knows best what type of a candidate will win.