Cameron - no pacts and in it for the long term

On Slugger, Turgon has picked up on David Cameron's determination that the Conservatives and Unionists will not stand aside in certain constituencies, in favour of the DUP. In an interview with the News Letter the leader of the opposition stated,

"We're a United Kingdom party. I don't stand aside in Glasgow because it might help the Liberals. I don't stand aside in East London because it might help the Greens.

"This is a UK party and I want everyone in Northern Ireland to have the chance to vote for what I hope will be the next Government of our country."

This position is entirely consistent and entirely necessary. Depriving voters of the ability to vote for pan-UK unionism is no basis on which to contest elections. There are profound differences between the Conservatives and Unionists and their supposed unionist rivals, which must be played out at the ballot box.

Those who have entered into the UCUNF arrangement in the belief that it can be easily severed are not on the same page as the force's leader.

"I'm a very strong believer in the United Kingdom, that it's a family, and that families need things that bring them together and just as I believe the Conservatives can recover in Scotland, so I believe that in Northern Ireland there should be a Conservative United Kingdom alternative.

"I've believed this for many years, many years and yes, I will stick around for the very, very long haul.

Surely an example of the type of positive, unequivocal message which should be put across during an election campaign.

Incidentally, I believe that another erroneous story is likely to be carried in the Sunday World tomorrow, along similar lines to the claims which the paper made last week.


Timothy Belmont said…
I like the overtures I'm hearing from David Cameron a lot. Now there's a genuine feeling that we, in NI, are being offered a true and genuine alternative to the traditional NI parties.

eXposer said…
I welcome the fact that he actually supports the United Kingdom; whether a Tory or not, I don't see how unionists could disagree with Camerons views.
Seymour Major said…
I'm glad Cameron said that.

I just hope this is sufficient to put paid to all this speculative nonsense about Sylvia Hermon being allowed to stand as a UUP candidate.

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