Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Save Election Night Campaign

In Northern Ireland we've always had to wait until the day after a General Election before the results are counted. But fortunately, like the rest of the nation, we've been able to watch results come in from the rest of the UK throughout the course of Thursday night / Friday morning. The first declaration is always an exciting moment, although a safe Labour seat in Sunderland usually seems to take the honours.

Election night is an occasion of high drama and popular engagement with the political process. Watching the coverage is a national ritual, even for those whose interest in politics is only piqued once every four or five years.

The Sunday Times has suggested that almost a quarter of local authorities may, at the next election, end up holding their count on the Friday morning. This would be a retrograde step, out of kilter with the information age in which we live. It would also serve to increase public detachment from politics.

Jonathan Isaby has started a campaign in order to 'Save General Election Night'. It features a Facebook Group. Please join, in order to help to save a cultural and political institution.


Frank H Little said...

The alternative is the Iranian presidential election system, where you announce the result before the votes are in.

Loki said...

Is that similar to the Afghan system where the results a re fiddled to keep a UK? US puppet regime in place?