Thursday, 10 September 2009

Liam Fox won't be beaten by the police for his conservative politics, activists in Georgia are less fortunate

Liam Fox should spare a thought for his fellow conservatives in Georgia.

The shadow defence secretary wrote an article marking the anniversary of war in South Ossetia which sent a strong message of support to President Saakashvili.

However if Fox belonged to the Conservative party in the Caucasian state, he might have a different perspective, because the regime in Tbilisi has a rather heavy handed approach to opposition politics.

During a presidential visit to the town of Telavi police are alleged to have broken into the party offices and beaten up three activists. Thankfully, for Fox, similar incidents are rather rarer at Millbank.

(H/T Carl Thomson)

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Alec said...

Weather report for the Caucases - showers of bastards everywhere.