Monday, 14 September 2009

Open Unionism - exciting weblog launches

I’m delighted to have contributed the first blogpost to an exciting new addition to the political blogosphere.

Open Unionism is a space for the discussion of ‘new perspectives on unionism’ and it will host some of the best writing from unionist bloggers, commentators and representatives. In addition ‘open’ submissions will be welcomed from unionist contributors and others, across the political spectrum. It is a collaborative project and the brainchild of the excellent blogger, bobballs.

The clue is in the website’s title, but Open Unionism intends to offer the widest possible survey of pro-Union debate and opinion. In the first post, with an eye to the new Assembly session, I envisage an Executive based on voluntary coalition, and an Assembly focussed on integration.

Expect some dissenting voices.

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