Wednesday, 23 September 2009

It's 'either or' for UUP in North Down. Hermon into UCUNF won't go.

Is the Irish News’ former SDLP functionary Tom Kelly starting to warm to the Conservatives and Unionists project? Doubtful. Although he appears to recognise some of the pact’s strengths, in his latest column.

He also, however, seems rather confused as to the issue of the North Down candidature and the Ulster Unionists’ dissident MP, Lady Sylvia Hermon.

“It’s difficult to see the how the unsurprising defection of Ian Parsley will positively affect the Ulster Unionist/Tory platform, especially if the plan is to run him as a Tory against Lady Hermon as an Ulster Unionist.”

If Hermon were to stand in North Down, my understanding is that it would, necessarily, be as an independent (if the UCUNF arrangement remains in place). There is no prospect of the sitting MP facing Parsley, or any other Conservative candidate, as an Ulster Unionist, under the present dispensation.

Nor is there any possibility that the Conservatives will endorse Hermon, should she perform an almighty u turn.


Anonymous said...

I dont understand how you think there is an either or question? Hermon made it quite clear during the Euro election she would not stand under a Conservative banner so she effectively deselected herself.
Another candidate will have to be chosen - and my guess is that Ian Parsley will have the support of local Tories, most of the local UUP and quite a few Alliance voters

Chekov said...

I think you've misunderstood me. I meant that either its UCUNF or Hermon for the UUP. I accept that she has deselected herself. I'm repudiating the idea that she can stand against a Conservative candidate under the UUP banner on any other circumstances than a dissolution of UCUNF!

Anonymous said...

Are you seriously suggesting that the UUP membership want to snub the next Prime Minister in order to keep Hermon on the Opposition benches?
UUP have to make the Conservatives and Unionists project work or they're finished
From what I know the UUP rank and file just want to get on with making the project succeed and destorying the DUP!

Chekov said...

I agree entirely with your first two points, but I'm not as convinced that the party, as a body, is 100% committed to the deal.

I'm not suggesting that the leadership will snub the Tories or that it should. If anything I'm putting the position in stark terms to emphasise what a fatal decision anything other than complete commitment to the deal would be.

peteram79 said...

"Lady Sylvia (sic)Hermon" is a joke. Sir John Hermon is, regrettably, no longer with us. Even when he was, there was no compulsion on his wife to take the "Lady" tag. Now that he has passed, you would imagine the bold Sylvia's socialist leanings would kick in ever more strongly and she would drop the "Lady" tag. But, no, socialist when it suits her to chummy up to Gordon Brown (although why anyone would want to as the country and large elements of his own party drop him like a stone is just further evidence of what a mentalist this woman is) but not so socialist when it involves snobbing it up with the Gold Coast set. Maybe she's hoping Gordon will reward her for her loyalty with a gong that would allow her to justfiably use her forename with her title?