Thursday, 24 September 2009

Evidence of the potency of CU argument at Open Unionism

Over at Open Unionism Fair Deal has contributed his ‘does and don’ts’ for the DUP, as it attempts to communicate with the electorate in its position as a party of government.

There are a couple of intriguing points. I wonder if there is a tacit admission here, from a leading DUP commentator, that some of the criticisms of the party made by civic minded unionists have some validity?

“Do offer a vision for the Union as a whole and Ulster’s place within it.”

Is Fair Deal’s opening gambit. Which is rather telling, given that a ‘little Ulster mentality’, as well as indifference to national issues, and larger UK constitutional ramifications, is central to the contention that the DUP is barely a unionist party at all, in the wider sense.

In his final point FD urges ‘do recognise the Tory link has some potential’ and ‘don’t think blank repetition of Labour attacks will be effective’.

The sillier sections of the UUP, who wish to throw the Conservative deal overboard, should take note.

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fair_deal said...

"from a leading DUP commentator"

Thanks for the promotion to 'leading'. That'll have raised a chuckle or two.