Sunday, 20 September 2009

My Assembly Week

Another quick plug for Open Unionism. The new home for unionist debate carries its first piece from a representative. DUP South Antrim MLA, Trevor Clarke, recounts his experiences at the Northern Ireland Assembly. Trevor articulates his support for relatives of IRA terror victims who are seeking compensation from Libya. No comment on Ian Paisley Junior's instrumental support for the Libyan authorities. Encouraging to note that Clarke is highlighting 'unionist cultural issues'. Given that unionists are a diverse bunch, supporting a political aim, that's a broad range of cultural issues to concern oneself with.

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Anonymous said...

I highly doubt that Trevor 'wud b in TUV if hadnt been elected' Clarke wrote that himself.

I think you will find it was his goffer, a former YU Trimbleista who mistakeningly jumped to the DUP for career purposes.