Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Where in the world is Lady Sylvia Hermon?

A fortnight after Sylvia Hermon's inactivity at Westminster was highlighted she has yet to make a contribution, according to 'TheyWorkForYou.com'.

Hermon - last spotted by this teddy bear.
In fact, now that the quasi-abstentionist MP for South Belfast, Alasdair McDonnell, has finally broken his silence, the member for North Down is the only Northern Ireland MP who has neither spoken nor tabled a question.  I gather, also, that Hermon was conspicuous by her absence whenever the Columbanus Festival was launched in Bangor.

The MP ran her campaign on the basis that she would turn up and, as an independent, make 'every vote count'.

It appears that the electorate in North Down has been conned.  Does this woman actually intend to do any represent her constituents at the House of Commons, or did she stand at the last election simply as a gesture of spite towards UCUNF?

(H/T Slug)


O'Neill said...

Last spotted publicly mid June at the Belfast Women's Fun Run:


She walked the course.

O'Neill said...

Last spotted in public in mid June at the Women's Fun race in Belfast:

It is now officially pimms and cucumber sandwiches season on the Gold Coast however and one can thus be excused for forgetting one's tiresome responsibilities to constituency and country.

slug said...

Checkov thanks for highlighting this. I think it's very poor on the part of Hermon.

The voting data further shows this lamentable record (hat tip to "iluvni" from Slugger O'Toole):

Lady Hermon has cast her vote 0 times
Sammy Wilson 2
Naomi Long 4
Mark Durkan 8
Magaret Ritchie 7
Alasdair McDonnell 5
Jeffrey Donaldson 9
Nigel Dodds 11
Ian Paisley 5
Gregory Campbell 4
David Simpson 10
Willima McCrea 9
Jim Shannon 8
Sinn Fein 0

Anonymous said...

I think you misunderstand the purpose of being the MP for North Down.

Your job is to be popular and prove it by attending events in your constituency.

You are in effect the Lord Lieutenant for the half county.

Hence you welcome President McAleese who was in Bangor several days ago.

The London season will commence in the autumn.

David Cather said...

Since you are the champion of representatives turning up at Parliament I assume you will be blogging on the Irish News article yesterday on the average voting records on MLA's since the last Assembly election in 2007. The figures by party are:

DUP - 81%
SDLP - 78%
SF - 74%
All - 66%
UUP - 60%