Thursday, 1 July 2010

Hope springs eternal as Hodgson takes the reins at Anfield.

Traditionally, the appointment of a new manager would give fans cause for hope.

Roy Hodgson arrives at Anfield amid acute apprehension that Liverpool's best players are about to be sold, in order to service a sky high debt run up by the club's owners.  His first task will be to ensure that Gerrard, Torres and Mascherano all commit their futures to the reds.

The new manager has only once taken a job remotely comparable.  He steadied the ship at Inter Milan, but you could hardly accuse him of stacking up trophies at the Italian giants.

Liverpool supporters know that Hodgson's arrival does not rid the club of its most pressing problems.  They are looking for something to inspire hope and optimism elsewhere. It's a sad situation for a great club.

Hopefully, however other circumstances pan out, Hodgson gets the best from the players who do commit to Liverpool and spends whatever limited funds are made available wisely.  Joe Cole is available, and signing a quality player like that would at least allow fans to look forward to the new season with some enthusiasm.

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Ulster Liberal said...

Poor appointment in my view. He is current flavour of the month having done very well at Fulham (with Sanchez's team) but looking at his CV in its entirety, he's little other than a journeyman manager.