Tuesday, 6 July 2010

"I have done the business with Mary Harney four weeks ago."

McGimpsey - did the business with Harney
Northern Ireland's politicians have a great propensity for boasting about their readiness to "do the business".  Gerry Adams likes to claim he's up for "doing the business", Peter Robinson likewise, but no more so than the Health Minister, Michael McGimpsey (just not too often).
"I have done the business with (ROI health minister) Mary Harney four weeks ago in our meeting in Armagh.  And as far as I'm concerned until the next meeting comes along, that's it."
Quite so minister.


rutherford said...

"the whole issue of radiotherapy"

A north/south aspect to radiotherapy?
The mind boggles. Presumably McGuinness believes the world could be fitted into the context of north/south structures though.

I like this quote from Red McGimpsey though:

"Frankly, I haven't time to go junketing down to Dublin or Guernsey or anywhere else"

Anonymous said...

He didn't mind the junket to the olympics when he was DCAL minister.