Monday, 19 July 2010

Cole comfort as Hodgson shows ambition in the transfer market.

A signing to warm the hearts of sceptical Liverpool supporters, awaiting the season with little enthusiasm (that's me!).  The creative England international Joe Cole, whose lack of football at the world cup actually enhanced his reputation, has today penned a four year deal at Anfield, becoming the new manager's first addition to the squad.

Cole is a quality player who attracted interest from Arsenal and Tottenham.  This signals that Roy Hodgson is not prepared to manage Liverpool's decline.  Instead he has ambitious plans and intends to craft a squad capable of claiming back a place in the Premier League's top four.  More importantly the signing will create some optimism around a rather dispirited club.   

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thedissenter said...

Hopefully Hodgson will bring the consistency that is required to win the Premiership (and the depth for all the rest). Liverpool's seasons have been either a start of promise, or a late promise which ends with promise for the next season. Though by the end there was little of promise at all.