Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Where in the world is Lady Sylvia Hermon? (2)

Another fortnight has elapsed and the MP for North Down has still not been sighted at Westminster.  Theyworkforyou still records no contribution from Sylvia Hermon since March of this year, during the last parliament.

The House of Commons is due to rise for its summer recess on 27 July and will not be recalled until 6 September.  If Hermon fails to make a late appearance, she will have ignored entirely the new parliament's first session.

During the election campaign she promised to make 'every vote count' as an independent.  So far more than thirty votes have taken place, with a new activist government she claims to oppose getting into the swing of its first term in office.  Clearly none of these divisions has concerned Hermon or the voters of North Down.

It would be interesting to know whether she intends to start representing her constituents in September or continuing to act like quasi-nobility.


Timothy Belmont said...

I expect she's off basking in the sunshine somewhere, lying doggo!

slug said...

Glad to see you following this, Chekov. Perhaps something such as illness explains Hermons record? If not then its a disgraceful record given the momentous issues that have been discussed - from the Finance Bill to Afganistan to the Electoral System to Bloody Sunday.

The following is Sylvia Hermon's Page from the public whip website, and shows the number of votes she has taken: Every vote counts!

The attendance rate of the other NI MPs are available from the same website and I have given them below for comparison:

Gregory Campbell 13 votes out of 31, 41.9%

Nigel Dodds 24 votes out of 31, 77.4%

Jeffrey Donaldson 22 votes out of 31, 71.0%

Mark Durkan 23 votes out of 31, 74.2%

Naomi Long 8 votes out of 31, 25.8%

William McCrea 23 votes out of 31, 74.2%

Ian Paisley Jnr 11 votes out of 31, 35.5%

Jim Shannon 10 votes out of 31, 32.3%

David Simpson 13 votes out of 31, 41.9%

Sammy Wilson 16 votes out of 31, 51.6%

Alisdair McDonnell 5 votes out of 31,

Margaret Ritchie 14 votes out of 31, 45.2%

SF/Hermon 0 votes out of 31.

Chekov said...

Slug - she took part in the Runher event at Stormont on 13 June. I also understand that she attended a COI church service for the Bangor Columbanus festival in late June. So she's certainly not incapacitated. In fact here she is meeting Matt Baggott in her glorified councillor's role earlier this month .

Anonymous said...

Behaving like Quasi-nobility eh? Like all those UUP MLAs who don't turn up at Stormont?

Dilettante said...

Well Chekov, Anonymous sure has sunk this argument with his 'two wrongs make a right' point.

I find Hermon's record a disgrace - she could at least have stood as an official Labour candidate to do unionism some good if she wasn't planning on attending parliament - it would still have spited UCUNF.

I daren't ask, but has she drawn any expenses in the new parliament?

Chekov said...

I don't think you understand the point anon.

Anonymous said...

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