Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A Tory vs. Labour dust up in North Down? Yes please!

Two Ulster Unionists have swiftly stepped forward in order to fill the breach left by Sylvia Hermon. Bill McKendry and Johnny Andrews are confirmed supporters of the Conservative link-up and strong proponents of pan-UK unionism.

North Down, which has proved UCUNF’s problem seat thus far, now has a strong panel of possible candidates vying for selection. It’s just a pity it took so long.

Meanwhile members of the Labour party in Northern Ireland are keen to secure Hermon’s services. The honourable thing for the North Down MP to do is to stand under the Labour banner.

It would be an exciting development if the two big British parties were to go head to head in a Northern Ireland constituency. That is the type of politics which we must move towards.


Anonymous said...

Well said, Owen! This is a development that I'd like to see myself, since I'm not at all sure that the SDLP is ever going to get its act together. I would personally incline towards the Labour side of politics myself, but North Down could be a testing ground for these two beasts to slug it out, and, who knows, provide an alternative to sectarian politics in NI in the fullness of time.

Phil Larkin

Timothy Belmont said...

I'm putting my weight behind Johnny Andrews. We were at school together so I do have a bias, in that sense.

To be truthful, either of them would be a better choice than the sitting MP.

rutherford said...

The limp fisted treatment of her departure by the UUP leaves a lot to be desired. She is a competitor for votes and even the leadership appears openly wistful?


thedissenter said...

Don't see why they are bothering when Parsley will be the candidate.

Anonymous said...

I agree it would be a great start for Labour to stand Sylvia, and it is logical for Sylvia, good for Labour.

Ulster Liberal said...

Why the excitement, given the differences between Labour and the Tories are so wafer thin these days? Both sides have sold out large swathes of their core policies in search of a mandate from a few thousand floating voters in the English Midlands. All the while, British democracy suffers. The thought that PR-guru, Cameron, up to his neck in Rupert Murdoch will be following in the footsteps of Disraeli and MacMillan is a profoundly depressing prospect.

On the positive side, this is my first post on this website and I should say what a fine blog it is.

Ulster Liberal said...

In theory it is certainly a positive step in the right direction but in practice neither labour or the Tories stand for much these days other than sucking at the teet of Rupert Murdoch and putting all effort into saying anything they believe a few dozen thousand English midland floating voters wish to hear.

Garza said...


North Down: Lab GAIN Con


North Down: Con GAIN Lab

Smiles and beers all around.

Chekov said...

Ulster Liberal - thanks for the kind comment. It would be the connotations in terms of normal politics, no matter how bland, that would excite me. Bring on those debates about small differences in policy, if they replace the current wrangles.

Lord Belmont - My god man! you've been to school with most of the UCUNF stable. ;-)