Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Executive throw out DUP pact. Now get on with it and lead!

The News Letter has a report from the Ulster Unionist executive meeting which took place last night. Alas it doesn't contain anything about leaked emails or whom threatened to sue whom. Nevertheless we do learn that a motion denouncing 'bogus' unity talks with the DUP was passed, which is a clear message from the grassroots. I gather that the motion's substance came from the party's Larne branch.

Sir Reg Empey denied that a deal has been struck with the DUP but admitted that talks had taken place. "No commitments were made". That is doubtless a statement of fact, but it is far from the unambiguous repudiation which the former Communications Director, Alex Kane, chose to make in his News Letter column.

The Executive also resolved to get on with picking eighteen candidates to contest the general election. A process which should now be completed by February 19th. Let's hope that the leadership accepts this clear signal from its membership and begins to lead. There is a suggestion that the Sylvia Hermon issue would be dealt with, conclusively, this week, which would be a major step forward.

The motion (passed unanimously) is reproduced below:

Ulster Unionist Party Executive Committee – 2 February 2010

The Executive Committee of the Ulster Unionist Party support the policy that Policing and Justice should not be devolved in the present context of a dysfunctional Stormont Executive. [This reflects the fact that the matter raised by the UUP at Hillsborough regarding the workings of the Executive were not included in the negotiations. P+J will be devolved into an Executive that is in stasis because of mutual vetoes.]

Urge the early completion and ratification of our candidates list with the Conservative Party for the Westminster election.

Further notes that whilst desirous of better working relationships within political unionism - rejects moves towards ‘bogus’ unionist unity. The UUP notes that for most of its existence the DUP was splitting and demoralising the unionist electorate in general and our party in particular.


Anonymous said...

They have said no merger. Have they said no pact? Read carefully.

Chekov said...

SRE said that there's no merger and no deal. The UU Executive REJECTS MOVES TOWARDS BOGUS UNIONIST UNITY. We will see how the leadership react but the clear signal from within the party is 'not in our name'.

Timothy Belmont said...

Hermon's position must surely be untenable now. She knows that. Her political career has ended.

Anonymous said...

If Reg is going to the North Down association to explain what is intended for that constituency let him go to South Belfast too.

Its two only nominees were put forward in the recognition that Peter McCann was likeliest to end up the candidate.

All that has changed.

To regain the seat we must rely on the DUP standing down which means the choice of candidate is so vital.