Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Another call for leadership from the UUP.

A UUP member is circulating an email which has been forwarded to each of the party's Executive members (and indeed more widely). It voices severe disillusion with some senior party officers, particularly the party leader, its chairman and the treasurer. It intimates that other officers have not been kept informed fully of developments within the party.

This party voted virtually unanimously for an electoral arrangement with the Conservatives at the European and Westminster elections. [edit]

It is an indictment of their poor leadership and bad management that our Director of Communications has resigned ...... As many will know this is simply one in and string of staffing problems.

The result of this woeful leadership is that we have let the DUP off the hook! ....

It is time for the Executive Council of our great party to assert itself. It is the governing body of the Ulster Unionist Party – not the Officers or a small faction of the Officers.

The Executive Council needs to make it clear that none of the Officers or MLAs of the party have any mandate to discuss any electoral arrangements with any other party while our deal with the Conservatives remains in force.

If they want to change horses they are entitled to their opinion but if they want the party to change horses they should put such a proposition to the Executive Council.

Personally I feel such an idea is ludicrous. We openly and freely entered a commitment with the Conservative Party. The Conservative Party is almost certainly going to be the biggest party at Westminster after the next General Election. David Cameron is highly likely to be PM. It would be insanity for the UUP to snub the man who has so publicly backed our joint arrangement.

We, as a party, have given our word and we should stick to it. ...


Alan said...

Sounds like a fair summary of what has happened. Small kitchen cabinet lead to stuff like 'decent people vote ulster unionist'. That was such a success. UUP needs to get on the offensive with DUP and copper fasten the link with Conservatives. That way there is a future.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't like to be the Chairman or Treasurer at the meeting it seems their secrecy/sleight of hand is coming back to bite them, will they last to the AGM?

O'Neill said...

I wonder if it's too late for a recovery job to be done?

If those at the meeting tonight want the UUP to have a future as an independent party then now is the time to kick the DUP and kick them hard.