Thursday, 25 February 2010

The selection section

The BBC reports that nine Conservative and Unionist candidates have been agreed, which represents a brisk turnaround. These are the less tricky constituencies, with South Antrim and Fermanagh South Tyrone conspicuous by their absence. Still, good to see progress being made.

Strangford, as expected will be contested by Mike Nesbitt, who has hit the ground running with his campaign. He features in a Guardian interview with fellow candidate, Trevor Ringland, who will stand in East Belfast.

Daphne Trimble can now go about the task of unseating wee Jeffrey in Lagan Valley. She is joined by Sandra Overend in Mid Ulster, Ross Hussey in West Tyrone, Bill Manwaring in West Belfast, Danny Kennedy in Newry Armagh and John McCallister in South Down.

Upper Bann will be contested by Harry Hamilton, the lead singer of Queen tribute band ‘Flash Harry’. He’ll save every one of us etc etc.


MisterDavid said...

For the ignorant English amongst us, is it defined which are Conservative and which UUP nominees?

Chekov said...

Mr David. The nine selected so far are UUP.

Gary said...

I want to see some Conservatives in there. What about McCann, is he out for good? That would be a shame IMO.