Thursday, 3 December 2009

Will Allister's party show consistency?

The TUV takes pride in its robust stance on terrorism. Indeed, we are led to believe, that contempt for violence is the party's raison d'etre. Which makes it all the odder that a prominent member, Trevor Collins, has organised a petition seeking the release of loyalist thug Torrens Knight.

Knight is guilty of murder, including the Greysteel massacre. Mr Collins offers an apology which echoes many similar republican analyses (and indeed Roy Garland), "the Troubles in Northern Ireland provoked many a young man to do things that they wouldn't have done in normal circumstances".

How a young man could be 'provoked' into firing a semi automatic weapon, premeditatedly, into a public bar is a question which boggles the mind. The fact that he has now been convicted of attacking two women tells us all we need to know about this 'loyalist'.

I sympathise with the TUV's view that convicted killers should be in gaol. Although I recognise that for the greater good, some murderers in Northern Ireland have been released. To actively campaign for the release of a contemptible character like Torrens Knight is outrageous. Jim Allister should expel the offending member from his party, if it is to retain a shred of credibility.


TUV ARE LUNDIES!!! said...



Anonymous said...

Collins should join Kinght in prision.

It is this type of thinking that excuses evil deeds, thereby allowing murderers into government in NI, that has so exercised the TUV.

Allister must act decisively and sack him or be a hypocrite and apologist for terrorists.

Andy W said...

So lets see, the above SHOUTING comment from someone who calls himself "Americaphile Quis Separabit " on Facebook is complaining that TUV are 'washing their hands of the petition and throwing Trevor Collins under the bus!!" and that Collins "should walk away from them".

So then he (the Shouty poster) obviously agrees with Collins, is a Torrens Knight fan and believes the TUV should be standing up for him.

This person is either mentally deranged or a republican in drag spreading horseshit across the blogisphere.

But what is really amazing is the amount of DUP luminaries, including elected reps who have become his facebook buddies and signed up to his weird campaigns:

Ian McCrea, Jeffrey Donaldonson, Peter Weir, Sammy Wilson, Cllr Pan Lewis, Alan Day (who writes for slugger)plus a host of nobodies with clear loyalist paramilitary sympathies. Un believable.

Do these people have any idea of who they are associating with???

On the actual topic, if the TUV want to be credible and consistant this guy should be kicked out.

Jim Talisker said...

24 hours now since the story broke and still Jim Allister hasn't expelled Collins.

Jim Allister is weak. weak. weak.

Anonymous said...

As a former member of the TUV, I have witnessed first-hand, the lack of leadership shown by Mr. Allister in regards to discipining members, who have fallen into diripute.

Firstly: A paid memeber of the party writes disparaging remarks about another member of the party, by email, to the secretary of TUV: Allister takes no action.

Secondly: A chairman of a branch tranfers the treasurey position without the consent of the branchs' members. Again, Allister fails to act.

Anonymous said...

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