Saturday, 12 December 2009

Fleming confirms Robbo = Stalin

I don't usually do a 'Quote of the Day' but this calls for an exception. George Fleming, I assume the same George Fleming who signed a letter attacking UCUNF, has called for a pact with the DUP, citing precedent.

Where would the UK be today had Sir Winston Churchill not signed a pact with Stalin's communist Russia during World War II?

In politics and in a time of need you sometimes need to do a pact with your enemy's enemies if you want to defeat the true enemy - Nazism in 1945 and Irish nationalism/republicanism in 2009.

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Peter Robinson as Stalin I see. Alistair McDonnell poised to wipe out six million Jews? Perhaps George is overegging the pudding on that one? Startlingly inappropriate is the phrase which springs to mind.

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Anonymous said...

George Fleming is a member of the UUP. Interesting......